Sunday, November 6, 2011

Smartphone Flashcards

Quizlet flashcards are a must of you are currently a student. This morning during the General Assembly meeting I was able to hide out in a corner to study for an upcoming Geology test using my Quizlet flashcard set on the Sierra Nevada formations. I have found that when you use them it is much easier to study in places where pulling out books and notebooks may be inconvenient. With the flashcards on my smart phone I can be anywhere, and study! If you don't like making flashcards you can search for sets made by other students to study off of also on the Quizlet website.

Missing You Big Agnes

This weekend was the Fall 2011 General Assembly of the Student Senate of California Community Colleges in San Jose California. The GA's venue was at the Airport Double Tree Hotel. It has several wings and 9 floors. Nice LG flatscreen televisions, and cushy beds with about 30 pillows. (I feared I would suffocate to death with all the pillows supplied for my queen-sized bed). Friday night was a difficult night away from home. People trampling up and down the hall all night long, doors slamming and late night partyers filling up their ice buckets.

I woke up around 10 times wondering what it was that woke me and where the heck I was. Within a few seconds I was reminded of my hotel room with its strange noises and pillow-laden bed. Tonight will be my second night, and thankfully my final night in this dreaded hole. Sitting on my bed propped up by the pillows I am writing this blog post with excitement for next weekend when I will be inside my Big Agnes tent at Joshua Tree with the National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) for their Fall Conference. I will be upgrading this hotel room and its surroundings for a tent, my Big Agnes Lulu bag, and ONE small Therm-a-Rest compressible camping pillow.

The good thing about this weekend's trip is that I can confirm my desire to be a geologist who gets to wear her cargo pants, Royal Robbins field guide vest and Boonie hat and gets to stay in tents on  geology "business trips". Next can't come fast enough for me!

For more information on NAGT field trips and conferences...check out