Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Geologists Love Ligers Too

Getting my classes for this spring was one that entailed me having to take English 102. Let me start by telling you just how much I do not enjoy anything to do with English. I hated it in high school, and had the awful experience of having one horrible teacher who ruined the English experience for me. Hearing that NEVADA will not accept anything from my past California community college education in English and Speech, I had to enroll in English 102 to complete that block.

Packing my knapsack with my spiral notebook, my black zippered pencil case (which is full of Pilot G-2 color pens) and my car keys, I left for campus to attend my first English 102 class. The class was upstairs in Fransen Hall (one of the old buildings) and I reluctantly climbed the stairs as if I were walking that last mile before my execution. As I entered the classroom, there were only a few seats left, and of course they were at the front of the classroom. There went my plans to doodle all semester.

My professor introduced himself and our first lesson was to introduce ourselves to someone else in room. I introduced myself to a young man named Matt. Found out a little about my new acquaintance, and learned he likes cats. I like bats, so we enjoyed a few minutes of getting to know one another. Not a horrible start right?

Professor M. then talked about Napoleon Dynamite's "liger" and well, I perked up a little. Who doesn't like Napoleon Dynamite? Continuing on, our professor announced that we would be doing research and analysis papers on animals, as well as several readings.  Animals who we have an interest in, that are exploited, abused, threatened, poached, etc. I like this professor. A lot. I hate to admit it but I think English 102 is actually going to be enjoyable.

So ideas are flowing in. Will it be bat population threats from disease or the exploitation of Orca whales by ocean parks. I would like to thank all my mentors (Eva Mo, Garry Hayes, and Noah Hughes) for helping me with past research papers. I know those experiences will be most helpful for this class and its projects. By the way Garry I still owe you a lab manual...just have to find it. I think it is still in a box in the garage somewhere.

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