Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This summer break has been replaced with classes. I decided that instead of taking time to relax or involve myself in a home improvement project or two, that I would get a few necessary classes out of the way. So my first session will be full of Calculus 182 and Physics 151R, while my second session will be dedicated to Chemistry 122A/122L. Joy.

I believe that I am probably on some unconscious path of destruction, and that somewhere in this dark and crazy brain of mine, I feel that rest is something you earn when you die. Come Fall however I will only have to worry about my last Physics class, all upper Geology courses, and 2 stupid core history classes (NV did not all me to transfer my CA over). At least I have ONE awesome thing to look forward to this summer...research!!!

One of my professors, who shall remain nameless until a future date has taken pity on me, and has extended a chance for me to do undergrad research with her and two of her doctorate students. SO EXCITING!!! Can't really get in to detail just yet but it involves rocks from distant lands and the chance to work at UCSB with their petrochronology lab equipment. I am literally on Cloud Nine and look forward to doing some cool things this summer besides math, physics, and chemistry. It really pays to "bug" your professors...because there just might be one that thinks that you could be beneficial to them.

Personally, I just wanted something to be able to put on my resume, and never expected to land such a cool project. May 23rd, I will take my mandatory lab training class, and after that be ready to go. I just hope now that I will do a great job for my professor, and hopefully have a few more doors open up to be in the near-future. I am fortunate there are opportunities here at University of Nevada and that I have such awesome professors in the Geology Department who care.

Last thing to share is my geological map project for my Final in GEOL 260 (Intro to Field Mapping) that I did on the Red Rock Canyon State Park in California. Here it is...

It was a fun project that took over a month to do. Glad it is over, and done with. Keep in mind this is non-published, undergrad work, but comments are always welcome.

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