Saturday, February 12, 2011

Death Valley or Bust!

Photo Credit: Stephen G. Weaver  Earth Systems Imaging.

I have been to the Mohave Desert some years ago on a road trip with my then-roommate Pat. Our final destination was Fort Irwin to visit Pat's brother, Gene. A lot of laughter and junk food highlighted our trip. We accidentally killed a little bunny outside of Bakersfield that sobered us for about 30 minutes, however our youth and poor trip planning soon made for more laughter. I remember asking some strange man where "THE Joshua Tree" was, of course neither Pat nor myself knew that it was actually a bunch of "Joshua" trees in the desert we had been driving past for miles. To this day I cannot think of this trip with smiling and shaking my head. Great memories came from that drive many moons ago, and next week I will be returning to the Mohave and to Death Valley on a Geology Field Study class. I am excited to be going with an awesome group of students from Modesto Junior College. Some of us are in Geology classes, or are past or current members of the Geology Club. Our fearless leader, Garry Hayes (and his incredible wife Susan) will be towing us around geologic sites for four "rock loving" days. With the trip closing in my mind is going 500 miles an hour and in at least 12 different directions. Need to download my topo maps, print out my inventory list, starting packing the backpack and duffel bags, organize my rock collecting tools, make sure all the stuff I am camping with is in order, etc. etc. etc. I can't sleep...I am already too's 3:05 AM and I am sitting here alone with one of the worse movies ever (2012) playing in the background. If this sounds pathetic - well, it is. I must sleep and I must turn "off" my excitement. Of course, this is easier said then done. Deep sigh!

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