Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Travel Woes to Facebook Friends

Last Thursday I left on a 5-day trip to Death Valley with other students and people who signed up for the Geology trip. The trip was phenomenal but it offered additional lessons in human behaviors and tolerances. I saw tempers flair, people who spoke when they should have kept their thoughts to their self, personality conflicts, and negative attitudes throughout the trip. One trip member lost her tent to the wind gods of Death Valley, and some involuntarily brought home sand grains from the Dunes that they are probably still trying to remove from body parts. Normally, these types of human behaviors or events can ruin a trip, but despite the few rough spots in our road, the journey was a success.  The few conflicts involving personality seemed to iron themselves out, except for one, however that is to be expected on a trip this long with literally strangers living and studying together for 5 days. I even had to seek validation from my professor after someone on the trip said something that broke my spirit somewhat. Those who left on Thursday as strangers came back Monday hugging one another and promising to "hook up" with each other on Facebook. An educational journey to a region of faults became the backdrop for new friendships, self-discovery, and fond memories...I cannot wait for the next  trip...or to get on Facebook to connect to my new friends.

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