Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rakk and Roll

Tonight while on Facebook, I visited a group I belong too called Rakkasans. The Rakkasans are the 187th Airborne who have been in more wars than 101st Airborne. My dad, Ernie, was and IS a Rakkasan. He entered the Army in 1950 and was planning to marry my mom. When he heard he could make another $40 a month (that was a LOT of money back them) for jumping out of an airplane he signed up!

My Dad is the guy that everyone (literally) says "he is the nicest guy I have ever met". And he is. He is also the best dad in the whole world. I remember standing out in the middle of Darwin Street in Hayward practicing my softball pitching with Dad. Or his "math lessons" at the dining table. Growing up in the 60's my parents were always there for me. Last Christmas, Mom (Bea) and Dad celebrated their 61st Wedding Anniversary. Few make it to their 50th, but I am blessed with parents that are still in my life. Although Dad is quite ill, I know everyday I have him here on Earth with me is a blessing.

So getting back to the Rakkasans...Rakkasan mean "falling umbrellas" in Japanese - because paratroopers look like falling umbrellas from the sky.

After a long week at school your mind starts making weird tonight was that my Dad is a 'Rakk', I played in a all-girl 'rock' band in the 70's and I am now getting my degree in 'rocks'.

I guess I had no other direction to go other than becoming a geologist. My Dad was a Rakk star, and now I am one too!  So my friends...Rakk (rock) on!

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