Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We pause this program for an important message (and pictures)

Well this week, school is trying to kick me arse. Not even huge stuff due, but a lot of little things. So my absence here the past few nights I hope is excused (not like I have a HUMONGOUS following)...but hey, just trying to keep in touch with the few, the proud, the followers of some crazy, ol college student.

So tonight, I first start off by saying my dad (what a soldier) is recovering from his pneumonia. Goes to show you that doctors do not know everything. He is in a little rehabilitation center in Turlock (California), where he is getting the attention he needs and physical therapy. My poor Dad though, he was planning his escape from the facility, as he really just wants to be home, cannot say that I blame him there.

Hospitals want you to get "rest" (insert evil laughter here), and Dad did not get much when he was there, so I am hoping he is sleeping a little more comfortably at the rehabilitation facility. Get to go see him this weekend, and I cannot wait to put my arms around his neck. Pfizer just announced a few days ago that they have a vaccination for pneumonia for people 65 and older...that is exciting, and I am hoping that his doctors will give it to him. I do not think our family can go through another week like we had with Dad...very scary stuff.

I am selfish as I would like my father at my graduation when I get my B.S. in Geology. He has a tenth grade education, and no one in my family has a degree so he is very supportive of me. I love my daddy (and of course my Mom too!!!)

So now that the news is over I am going to go to bed and get some sleep as tomorrow I have English 102 and I am pooped.

Going to leave you with some cool pictures from past geology field trips. See if you can name these places...

Hint: a state park in Utah

Hint: has the initials C.R.

Hint: rhymes with nice (or gneiss) and is a national park in Utah

Hint: Geology students on a coral pink sand _______.

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