Friday, March 7, 2014

Cell Phones-our umbilical cord to the World

Cell phones have become such an important part of human communication that it has replaced my voice. I do not live on my cell phone at all, not like the kids at school do, but I do use it enough that it seems to do and be everything I need.

I have to wake up early tomorrow...better set the alarm on my phone (what sound do I want to wake up to tomorrow? Hmmmm)

I know my mom is at the hospital visiting my dad, better text her to call me when she can.

I can't believe I ate that...better scan that barcode with MyFitnessPal before I forget.

Need to check my email, where's my phone?

Oh, look honey isn't that cool. Grab my cell phone and I will take a picture.

I can't see where the heck I am going, its so dark. MyFlashlight app will illuminate the way!

What is the weather going to be like on Saturday? My cell phone has a weather app.

Pork loin needs to be at what temperature? Internet on the phone should tell me.

Seriously, our phones seem to be an umbilical cord to the world. GPS, Bluetooth, apps that mute your phone in a movie theater (and gives you free stuff when you use it), calculator, the internet, the periodic table, calculus formulas, name it...our phones can do it.

I love my Android. I do. It is a great tool that enhances my life, home and school work. I am sure you love your phone too. Last week I found a cell phone in the parking lot of a neighborhood shopping center. Fortunately, the owner called and I got it back to her. I would hate to lose my phone or have it stolen.

Just one thing...

I absolutely despise people who walk across the street and hold up cars at the crosswalk as they walk slower than a snail, while on there stupid cell phone! Worse - being at a store and having an employee trying to ring some idiot up who is on his cell phone talking to God-Knows-Who and holding everyone else up in the line.

Common courtesy people  -  it goes a LONG way!

Rant out!

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