Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Can't Go Back to School...

This is dedicated to those who "think" about going back to school...

What are the costs of going back to school? What will I sacrifice? Is it really worth it?

  1. First, what are the costs of going back to school...tuition is different wherever you go. 
    • There are so many programs out there that you really need to call around and just ask! Trust admissions and welcome center staff are more than HAPPY to answer questions for you.
    • Consider grades. If you have over a 3.0 GPA you may qualify for a exchange student program. I lived in California, attended a community college to get my transfer studies completed at a MUCH LOWER COST than a 4-year. I had great grades so I qualified for a WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange Program). I would have had to pay almost $9,000 for out-of-state fees, however they waived that thru WUE. I pay a few hundred dollars more than a Nevada resident. I save $18,000 a year, so I make sure my grades are still good.
    • Bottomline...the prize at the end of your education (considering you are ambitious and get a job) will make up that money. Education is priceless - NO one can take it away from you.
  2. What will I sacrifice? A lot. This again depends on where you go, and what your life is like now. I have aging parents (I am 54 and my Mom is 80 and Dad is 82), so I planned to attend a school under 4 hours drive time away from them in case of an emergency. My Mom and Dad ARE my world...I come from an insanely close-knit family and therefore I sacrifice a lot of time away from my parents, kids and granddaughters (4 total). You might sacrifice more, or less, but overall the sacrifices can be minimal if you consider the following:
    • Attend a local community college and get all your GE (General Education) classes done there. You will benefit greatly as community colleges offer classes that are transferable and taught by teachers who WANT to be there to teach you. There class schedule is flexible making it easy to work and take a few classes each semester. Class sizes are small too (I miss that).
    • Make sure you complete the Board of Governors form each school year so that you might be eligible to get your tuition waived at the community college (at least this is the process in California). Might be different where you are....but ASK!
    • Schedule classes to minimize travel time (saves on gas and time)
    • Be willing to sacrifice what ever it school is not forever..but your future with a degree is.
  3. Is it really worth it? You will doubt yourself all the time. You will continually play a tennis match in your brain...should I quit school and just get a job or should I stick it out? STICK IT OUT...a job is just that - a job...but a career is so much more. It means you wake up in the morning and go to a job you have a passion for. It is worth it. Worth the sacrifice and worth the agony of stress and doubt.
I took a $150,000 lost on my house in California when I sold it to come to Reno, Nevada to attend the University of Nevada-Reno (NEVADA). I downsized and my husband and I now live in half the house we had. This is okay as it is less time cleaning, and it is more comfy for the two of us. We still have space in case kids or friends come to visit.
BEFORE: 2850 SF House in CA

AFTER:  1405 SF Reno house (we since put in new driveway though and removed the junipers.)

You can sit all day long and think of EXCUSES to  not go back to school. I have to work....I am too tired after work to go to a night class...I need to be available for my family...I am too old.

ALL OF THESE excuses are just excuse to keep depriving yourself of what you want to do. Think about it this way...what REASON do I have NOT to go back to school?

My daughter, Megan and husband Scott McAndrews with daughters, Eowyn 6 and Lucy 6 months.

Granddaughters, (L) Ryann 8 and (R) Lily 6 years who  live on Maui. 

 My biggest reasons for going to school...these little girls I call granddaughters. I am proud to be an example that success in life is available to all of us if we are just willing to try our best to reach our goals. At 54 I will be the first in my family to attend and graduate college.

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  1. Hey Rebecca! Great blog. It's such an inspiration to me to see someone finding new passion all the way through life. I hope everything keeps working out for you... and I hope someday you get to take your grandkids out in the field and tell them how you learned to be a geologist!