Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hell Week is Over

First week of spring semester went fairly well. Was able to get into classes I was wait listed on. Don't understand why our governments and legislative bodies keep cutting back on education when there are so many students who cannot get into classes they need. I technically only needed one class to graduate with my Associate's on April 30th and really sweated it out hoping I would be accepted as 16 of 21 on the wait list. Attended the first ICC (Inter-Club Council) meeting as vice president of the Astronomy Club where we were ratified. Going to be president of Alpha Gamma Sigma and also in the Geology Club. Will be busy semester with Historical Geology (yahoo) and Pre-Calculus (yeah), the clubs, and Geology field study trips to Death Valley, Southern Mother Lode, and Yosemite. Can't wait to go to Death Valley as I have never been there.

Another "big project" for me this semester is accepting an invite to participate in the CalTeach program at the college. It is an incentive program for those planning on teaching Math and Sciences. The kicker is I "planned" on receiving my Geology degree, and never really "planned" on teaching it. Can I do it? With my Honors Program mentor,Ms. Mo and my Geology Professor Garry Hayes on my side I feel that perhaps I have been keeping doors closed that I should at least open and peek inside.

Looking forward to being in charge of the teacher appreciation luncheon that AGS puts on. Just have to come up with some cool ideas for those we end up honoring. Invitations, decorations, certificates, etc. Well have a half-ton of precalculus to do...and practice my Geologic Time Scale.

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