Monday, January 17, 2011

Homework vs. Daydreams

I've been sitting at the dining room table all day working on homework for Pre-Calculus - without the textbook. This day seems to be an endless Math purgatory!

I would rather be someplace else. Last night we watched the Alaska State Trooper show, and watched these guys working in negative seriously-wrong-degree weather. Although I don't envy these guys it brought back many wonderful memories of almost a month in Alaska in 2005.

So this is me where I wish I could be. The glaciers up there were so spectacular. I was so stoked being there I wanted off the boat. I saw myself with some ice cleats on climbing over the glacier! Some day...

There were all kinds of cute otters playing the freezing water and the cracking sounds of the glaciers were just scary and cool all in one.

So guess I need to get back to Pre-Calculus. Bummer!

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